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Welding equipment accessories electrode what role

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You know electrode welding accessories have it? It is in the end what effect?

Electrode welding equipment accessories an essential part, especially in the spot welding, the use of very common. Electrode plays a vital role in spot welding, it is an important instrument to maintain the normal operation of the entire spot welding process. So what kind of role the electrode in the welding process plays it?

Welding equipment, accessories, spot welding the whole process is fed to the weld through the electrode, the general in order to avoid joints, we will use a large diameter, large contact area of the electrode to reduce the current density. So the whole process of spot welding, spot welding electrode can guarantee quality, it generally has three functions: (1) conducting current to the workpiece; (2) the delivery pressure of the workpiece; (3) rapidly disperse heat conduction welding area.

High-frequency welding equipment with small size, light weight, low failure rate, energy saving, and weld firm exquisite beauty, weldment geometry is not limited, it will not damage the surface patterns, inside the metal crystal structure unchanged, small annealing range , no burr is widely used in metal glasses manufacturing,

electrical and electronic connectors industry welding.